Manage Trash collection in urban centers using Private haulers

Waste management is an increasingly complex industry of significant importance for it plays a fundamental role in overall community health. This topic becomes even more convoluted upon examining within a public or private network. Public waste management typically faces several challenges. According to Zurbrügg and Schertenleib, examples of issues include “inadequate service coverage, operational inefficiencies of services, limited utilization of recycling activities, inadequate management of non-industrial hazardous waste and, inadequate landfill disposal” (Zurbrügg and Schertenleib, 1998). Alternatively, the privatization of waste management entails methods and strategies that can eliminate these roadblocks- inferring that private haulers can provide significant aid to farcical trash production in urban areas. This sample article will highlight the plights of public haulers whilst emphasizing the relevant benefits of privatization.


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