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Effects of 6PPD run off from tires on Native Indian tribes

Pollution creates a negative externality that affects everyone on the planet to some degree. There are certain communities that are underrepresented and thus the impact could be greater on them. Native Indian communities in the Pacific Northwest in North America … Read More

Creating Alternative Solutions for Recycling End of Life Tires

Discarded tires have become a heavy and growing disposal problem that continues to accumulate in the world today. In the United States particularly, discarded tires amounting to over 279 million are being added to an estimated 2 billion tires stockpiled … Read More

Scope and scale of environmental degradation of the Torres Martinez Native reservation

Native Americans in California have struggled for self-determination in land-use decisions since their first encounters with Europeans more than 300 years ago. Settler colonial policies by Spain, Mexico, and the United States have attempted to divorce Californian people from the … Read More

The Cost of Growing E-Waste

Digital devices are dramatically shifting the way we live. With a few clicks, we are able to connect with people across the world, order food from the comfort of our homes, and access data from anywhere with a stable internet … Read More

Economic Incentives for Organics Diversion and Markets for Finished Compost Products in the United States

Organic waste represents a challenge, since it constitutes around 30-50% of the municipal solid waste (MSW). Thus, the proper management of organic wastes will drastically reduce the volume of pollution arising from improper waste management (Treadwell et al., 2018). In … Read More

Colorado is King of the Mountain – of Tires

For many outdoor enthusiasts, Colorado is one of the best destinations to immerse in nature. Formed by 104,000 square miles of mountains, plains, canyons, and desert, its unique landscape is home to the world’s largest flat top mountain, the Grand … Read More

Trashing the Navajo Nation with Nuclear Waste

An opportunity to make life a little better was how the Navajo people perceived the uranium mining boom that started in the 1950s. But from the perspective of the nuclear industry, native Indian lands were the perfect landscape for setting … Read More

Spotting Language Pollution – A Deep Dive into Plastics Green Washing

Single-use plastics and disposables are finding their way back into the waste stream with the surge in demand for face shields, masks, and the packaging involved in e-commerce.

Single Use Plastic

Plastic has become a staple in industrialized societies. Due to its low cost, durability, and versatility, producers have grown reliant on plastics to manufacture and package their goods.

Creation of safe spaces

The environment where someone resides can seriously affect their  health and overall wellbeing. Illegal dumping is permeating American cities, threatening the health of both urban environments and their inhabitants. The creation of safe spaces is necessary for regional sustainability and resilience. Using … Read More