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Illegal Dumping Management

Save millions on combating and preventing illegal dumping. Receive instant alerts on illegal dumping from ReciklApp’s haulers to clear waste quickly and effectively. ReciklApp is the only platform in the US which allows cities to coordinate across county and state boundaries, creating an integrated network to combat illegal dumping. By attending to illegal dumping efficiently, ReckilApp is able to limit the severe social, economic and environmental impacts of illegal dumping while aiding in enforcement efforts.

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ReciklApp offers cities real-time insight into fleet efficiency, the amount and type of waste collected and the prevalence of illegal dumping. The information provided and stored by the ReciklApp allows cities tofind proactive solutions to waste management challenges.

We build just what you need

ReciklApp’s customizable platform allows cities to enable and disable various functions of the app, creating a tool that directly meets the specific needs of each community. Based on user-specific analytics, ReciklApp offers a flexible platform on your city.

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