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Smart cities are built using intelligent and smart technology and solutions. As communities utilize information and communications technologies (ICT) for improving the performance and quality of urban services, reducing consumption of resources and related costs, facilitating more active and efficient engagement with citizens, and enhancing quality of life of citizens sustainably.

We provide digital solutions that will make your transformation towards smart cities initiatives successful and an easy one. Together, we can show you ways to store, scale, and safeguard your information – and provide a better experience for all.

Asset Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Warehouse Management

Leveraging Zebra Technologies’ products (including RFID and RTLS), we provide software solutions to easily tag, track and trace all your resources (fixed assets and inventory levels) at all times and to efficiently optimize physical assets resulting in lesser device or part failures/ loss and lower cost of ownership.


  • Asset Visibility – utilize real time tracking visible value chain solution for asset visibility such as hospitals, IT or defense agencies
  • Inventory Tracking – provides the detailed information needed by manufacturers, distributors and service companies
  • Material Flow System – increases real time tracking efficiency, for a RTLS solution
  • Warehouse Management – improves yard planning and efficiency with actionable and optional real-time intelligence
  • Work In Progress – the visible value chain solution tailors a mix of technologies including RTLS


In an office, warehouse or in the field, gain real-time awareness of all of your assets — equipment, personnel, supplies and more — with our government asset management solutions.  Once an asset is deployed, Asset Management records all maintenance activity and enables IT to perform regular audits, right up until asset retirement.

Key Hardware options available to utilize would be:

RFID Readers – either mobile, handheld or fixed, RFID readers to help you achieve maximum visibility into your field assets
RFID Printers – print with traceable RFID tags to optimize rugged supply chain management
Handheld Computers – single-device ease designed for accuracy in convenient handheld form-factor for instant information
Rugged Barcode Scanners – provide extreme external durability and industry-leading data capture technology
Industrial Printers – provides barcode asset tracking with high volume printing
Desktop Printers – convenient and ideal for small to mid-volume printing of label, wristband, receipt or ticket printing

Storage & Data Protection

By teaming up with the industry’s best and brightest, we’re able to provide solutions that add value to your world. Our partners include Veeam and Seagate Technology that deliver advanced data protection, capacity, and performance at the lowest Total cost of ownership across a range of technologies and use cases.

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Backup & Recovery

Safeguard business continuity with modern data protection

Data Transfer

The right-sized approach to any data transfer

Private Cloud

Significantly reduce TCO for secure, scalable cloud storage