Cloud Modernization

Cloud app modernization is the ongoing process of taking legacy applications and updating their features, architecture, or infrastructure to ensure that they are optimized for operating in cloud environments. To migrate an application means to simply 'Lift and Shift'. To modernize an application further means breaking down the application to pieces and then taking each part and building it to gain efficiencies & reduce costs. It involves the entire process of transitioning business data, applications, infrastructure and other dependent hardware & software's to the cloud. As you move to the cloud, you need to use new approaches to protect your users, applications, and data, while supporting your compliance and digital sovereignty objectives.

Cloud Advisory

With deep experience and expertise in IT modernization across multiple industries, our Cloud Advisory and Migration services provide a business case for IT investments and a tailored plan for migration, and optimization to enable successful transformation and modernization for an IT foundation that fuels business growth. Our proprietagy 5-Step Cloud Managed Service Advisory Process system is a precision tool for conceptualizing and tracking your client journey when planning a cloud transition. It illustrates the process behind moving workloads to the cloud and then operationalizing your assets around security, financial optimization, governance, and compliance in a way that’s understandable and valuable to both your technical and executive team members simultaneously.

Data Insights

The most difficult part of dealing with data and analytics is simply just trying to understand what it is that you are observing. How are your customers actually behaving? What do they really want to know more about? How do they actually interact with your business? Data is, simply put, the points along the road. Data by itself is relatively useless without context of your business challenges. Data Insights is the process of understanding the true story of what is going on with your business. We make the complex world of data more accessible by breaking down all aspects of the field to extract meaningful information to improve business performance. Leverage the unmatched scale of our data processing team.

Cloud Economics/FinOps

As data grows and resources are scattered, we understand the urgency of enabling Financial executives to support their consumers in understanding and executing on their assets. This will allow the financial ecosystem to focus on their core business and do what they do best which is provide innovative solutions to your customers without worrying about underlying cloud or data infrastructure that needs to be compliant. We ensure that you have a secure & safe cloud environment and are adhering to regulatory, cybersecurity and encryption standards. Our team enables the integration of IT and financial responsibilities within your organization to optimize cloud management, reduce costs, and implement new client acquisition strategies. Our FinOps expertise and tools provide accurate data needed to make effective decisions.

Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations (CloudOps) is the practice of managing delivery, tuning, optimization, and performance of workloads and IT services that run in a cloud environment including multi, hybrid, in the data center and at the edge. Our CloudOps team bring together the overarching five tasks of building, deploying, operating, monitoring, and managing the functions of infrastructure or application delivery in the cloud. CloudOps extends traditional DevOps principles of automation, continous improvement and collaboration to critical operations required to run secure cloud based systems with security, availability, and performance.

Data Security

Traditional security models are insufficient for protecting today’s cloud-based, distributed environments and workforce. Threat actors are planning and doing reconnaissance for their next attack. You need visibility to see if you are a target and if you have external exposure. Cloud data security is the combination of technology solutions, policies, and procedures that the enterprise implements to protect cloud-based applications and systems, along with the associated data and user access. Understand and proactively protect against threat actors targeting you and your peers. Our DataSec team will partner with you to help you gain the control and confidence you need to securely run your business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today.