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We provide innovative technology solutions to address waste and recycling challenges, helping to make cities smart and sustainable.




Fight Illegal Dumping

Track and manage illegal dumping in real-time. ReciklApp enables cities to respond instantly to illegal dumping incidents, making communities safer and cleaner while reducing waste management costs.

Manage Fleet + Routing

Increase the efficiency of waste management through ReciklApp’s  route optimization and fleet tracking platforms. Use innovative, smart-city designs to reduce costs and respond to  community needs.

Reduce Waste

Enable haulers to directly meet business needs through specialized trash pick-up orders, increasing waste management efficiency and reducing environmental costs.

Increase Recycle Value

Coordinate effectively between consumers and recycling facilities to maximise recycling capacities and increase value of recyclables.

ReciklApp is your solution for efficient and sustainable waste management

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Quantification of Data Metrics
Create data-driven waste management solutions based on real-time information collected and stored by ReciklApp. Anticipate community needs and maximise capacities of recycling facilities by accessing information about the types and quantities of materials which are collected. By providing easy and current access to waste management data, ReciklApp allows cities to find proactive solutions to working towards a circular economy.

Industry and Sector-based Metrics


Neutral by




waste by
0 %

Waste collection

savings of:
0 %

Increase paper recycling

value by
0 %

Increase metal

recycling value by
0 %
Customize the functions of the ReciklApp to directly meet the needs of your city by disabling and enabling independent functions of the app. ReciklApp’s flexible platform personalized user metrics.

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