Premier Services Across Cloud Platforms

Digital transformation is more important than ever as businesses face economic headwinds and adopting a clear cloud strategy for your business is vital. However, evolving into a truly digital organization that incorporates strategic cloud adoption isn’t simple.  

As an AWS Partner, a Microsoft Azure Partner, and a Google Cloud Partner with four years of experience, Annapurna Solutions provides ongoing advisory to some of the largest companies in the world. Our staff is comprised of industry veterans with hands-on experience with cloud transformations from the inside.

Cloud Modernization

Accelerate your innovation, automation, and sucess .

Cloud Advisory

Reduce cloud complexity with a trusted advisor.

Data Insights

Make better business decision, faster with a moderen data stack.

Cloud Economics/FinOps

A Holistic Approach to cloud Optimisitation.

Cloud Operations

Manage day 2 IT Operations and beyond.

Data Security

Maintain the security of your sensitive data.

As a cloud consultant and multi-cloud Partner, Annapurna Solutions is transforming the delivery of IT services through the use of enterprise managed services that leverage the cloud to securely monitor, manage, and optimize complex IT environments.

We envision that most workloads would eventually operate in the cloud in the future. This was the premise of the company and challenged us to think differently about IT service delivery in the enterprise and federal marketplace.

Our Cloud Advisory Services start by understanding your business goals and then move forward to define a strategy to embrace the cloud. This will typically start with a cloud readiness assessment focused on the people, processes and workloads under consideration. 

If you are further down the journey and need more targeted consultation, we have a full suite of advanced capabilities across multiple public cloud providers.

Explore how our expertise coupled with proven solutions can support your IT Transformation needs through innovative services and solutions.

Our consultants can help you build a solid foundation that best suits your organization’s specific cloud needs. With a strong base, it’s possible to realize the key promises of the cloud: 

  • Reduce cost 
  • Increase cash flow 
  • Improve business agility 
  • Supporting innovation 
  • Boost resilience 
  • Ratchet up productivity 
  • Enhance data security